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From teaching how to make newspaper hats to a kindergarden class, showing college level students the difference in cadmium light and cadmium medium paint or the intricacies of using the "path" tool in Photoshop, or conducting a workshop focusing on creative aesthetics and messaging to meet the goals of a unique client -- It is the process by which the information is given to each and every student that will determine their success in the class.

We provide all types of classes and workshops in digital imaging, digital color, web & print design, traditional art and mediums (painting, drawing, ceramics, and more), application specific workshops [Photoshop, Dream Weaver (HTML), Image Ready, Quark, etc.], as well as lectures in online advertising/marketing focusing on creative design & production, and much more...

Below you will see a brief curriculum example and a final digital imaging class project using the 1920's French Surrealist game: Exquisite Corpse - in a contemporary manner. You can also click to see information about the "bar room" game Exquisite Corpse in the red margin.

Click image to download Photoshop toolbox pdf.

Digital Imaging curriculum - pimarily using Photoshop:

The basic elements of the workshop/class are to learn the Photoshop toolbox and to then explore assignments that progressively use combinations of tools [simple tools as well as advanced tools] to complete the excersise.

Project 1: Use the move tool to correct image alignment / registration. Adjust image using color balance, curves, levels, etc. to remove blue hue and return it to a neutral grayscale image. Project 2A: Use cloning and fill tools to correct image irregularities. 2B: Learn to use the path tool to create a perfect outline of an object - copy and paste duplicate of image and then learn about layer masks to blend. Project 3: Create eliptical, conical and rectangular shapes. Learn to make them look 3D by exploring light [variations of hue and shadow] on the digital canvas. Create a series of similar objects and create the illusion that they are "tumbling" through space.
Project 4: Recreate a given image with similar spacing and other image qualities. Practice using Lasoo, Path, and Channel tools. Explore the use of Layers. Introduction to image Resolution (inches vs. pixels, etc.) Project 5: Image retouching projects. Make Bill Clinton look older and younger. Intensive work using the cloning tool, opacity changes, color and image quality. Project 6: Design workship - exploring web design. "Build your own website" project. Discuss digital color, resolution and image file size.
Click the image to see 12 "Exquisite Corpse" amalgamations. Images were created by students in our Digital Imaging and Design class taught at Skidmore College. Each image was printed through a dye sublimation machine and stood approximately 36" in height. All the prints were displayed throughout the art building during the semester's final show.


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