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Videos are between 4 - 5 mb in file size.
Abduction Video
Santa Golf Video
Cheating Santa at Cards Video

Pairing up with Young & Rubicam, the Christmas 2001 Sony campaign was based upon the premis that "Santa" has been kidnapped, but the consumer has a chance to save Christmas by entering to win a SonyStyle Sweepstakes worth $10,000 in Sony Electronics. Prizes also included weekly Sony prizes leading up to the big drawing. A cross media strategy was developed that included Television, Cable TV, Radio spots as well as a full website built for this initiative. The online component used aggressive online advertising, emails to multiple Sony mailing lists, as well as "tell a friend" opt. ins to increase registration. Actors were hired, 6 television spots were shot, the site was created and placements were purchased on all channels.

You can see most of the components involved with the campaign by clicking above and below.

This was the final site design (click to see it bigger).

Other site concepts that were also in the mix.

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