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Banner [on NASCAR site] drives traffic directly to the SonyStyle "Buy Page"

After the "Click Through" to the SONY Buy Page, tracking results can be seen on the ORBit system illustrated below. Further development of this program is implemented through newsletter placements and further tracking to optimize the campaign. [See Below]

Full eCRM Program B2C


Develop and leverage a large-scale performance based online initiative

Drive sales; by business group against specific target sales

Utilize all online channels (banner, email, search, newsletter, etc.) to drive traffic/sales

Measure results in real-time, optimize across messages, offers and media channels


Acquired enormous media assets across all channels on a performance basis (both pure performance & hybrid media)

Reached predicted click-through rates, transactions rates clearly identified

Generated significant sales volume across computing, audio/video, accessories and other Sony business lines






Kompressor Racing 2003