fer sale

Kompressor "INSIDE" highlights other interests away from all the commercial work - that can be seen in the "OUTSIDE" section of this site. This section is being built slowly, however, Racing is almost finished focusing on Kompressor Racing [Reet Das] campaigning a Honda RS125 in the Mid-Atlantic region. Artwork is my other career and this section illustrates many bodies of work with the ability to see large images of specific pieces, an artist statement as well as a downloadable exhibition resume. The Tech section will detail the finer points of working on old motorcyles - especially old BMWs and steps to modify them into cafe style street racers. Cuisine will offer interesting recipies of dishes that have a story behind them as well as a mini-section that will review small out of the way restaurants in New York City. The life and times of Gina and Rocky [Kompressor Racing's pit crew] will be explored in DAWG - their history, pictures and dog anecdotes will surely astound and annoy many. Lastly, since I have more stuff than anyone else I know - the Fer Sale section should have a very eclectic selection of curios, furniture, instruments, motorcycle parts and other items that "have to go".


Exclusive Music Video of the Gangs of New York title song performed live by Bono and The Edge shot by Kompressor at the NY Public Library - Gangs of New York opening party. [This is the first and only video shot of Bono and The Edge perfoming this song LIVE]. Video will be coming soon.